Famous Hoosier Wax Museum

GIS 4th grade teachers are excited to introduce to our students the Famous Hoosier Wax Museum project.  This is a project that all fourth graders will be working on throughout Q4.  Much of the work will be done at school in reading/ELA classes.  However, some work will be expected to be completed at home.  Additionally, if you child tends to work more slowly or happens to fall behind, it will be necessary to spend more time working at home.  Students were provided a packet of materials along with a schedule to take us through the end of the year.  Posted is a copy of the schedule.  Students found out Monday, 4/5, who their famous Hoosier is.  They also received the packet outlining the research necessary for the famous Hoosier.

Students will conduct research on their “famous Hoosier” then prepare a report.  Each student will also memorize a short speech to be spoken during the museum presentation.  Students will be responsible for a costume to be worn at the museum and props.  This is not intended to be elaborate or expensive.  Think Goodwill, mom or dad’s closet, grandma or grandpa’s closet, etc.  Also, each student will need a poster board.  WE INTEND TO PROVIDE THE POSTER BOARD TO ALL STUDENTS AT A NOMINAL FEE.  Purchasing the poster board in bulk allows for cheaper prices than what you can get at a retail store and insures a quality board.  Additional details will be forwarded.  And of course, we will be presenting the Wax Museum for family.  Visits to the museum will be available in the afternoon and during the evening hours.  Look forward to receiving your invitation.

This project is coordinated as a part of our Q4 social studies curriculum.  Your child’s reading/ELA teacher will be the primary instructor.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us.  Students are already demonstrating genuine interest in the project.  Several of us have participated in the experience at various schools and every year has been a success.  The variety of facets of the project appeal to all types of learners!

Your child was provided in class an outline with the due dates for the various facets of this project.  We would recommend posting this on the refrigerator or other special place as a pacing reminder.  The dates are also included below.

Due Dates for Wax Museum 2015