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GIS ALS Challenge

As many of you are aware or may have already participated, the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS has become popular on social media and in daily conversation.  GIS has decided to become involved with this cause.  GIS students were challenged to each bring $1 to school.  If as a staff and student body we raise $500,  Mr. Bever would do the ice bucket challenge.

We were successful at completing our challenge!  Mr. Bever got a five-gallon bucket of ice water dumped on his head last Friday afternoon, 8/29, in the gym.  Our original goal was $500, and we raised $1,209.34!  Mrs. Johnson’s 4th grade homeroom class won the pizza party, raising $306.56.  Student Emma L. pushed the class into first place with $180 donation.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.

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Free or Low Cost Summer Activities

Please see the link below for free or low cost fun summer activities.  Activities include free movies at Legacy 9, live musical concerts on the Plaza, free swimming at Riley Park, and visits to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum — to name a few!

 Summer 2014 Free or Low Cost Activities

Lip-Balm Grams

Fourth Grade will be selling Lip-Balm Grams for Valentine’s Day.

What is it?  A homemade Valentine’s Day card with one of our famous lip-balms and a lollipop.

When is it? During lunch the weeks of February 3-7 and 10-14.

Who is it for?  Students may make these for one another during their lunch.  Parents and grandparents may order Lip-Balm Grams.  Please send the attached order form to your child’s homeroom teacher.  We will make them and deliver them during your student’s lunch.

What is the cost? Only $2.00 for a card, lip balm and lollipop!

Lip Balm Valentine’s Grams 2014

Great Information Frenzy Contest

Last week our GIS library assistant Mrs. Kessler kicked off a contest for students to read and report on informational texts.  Students who read the most nonfiction books and either 1)take an AR test on the computer and pass successfully or 2)complete a short report on the text will be invited to a party.  The competition runs now through the end of February.  Students will only be competing with other students who have the same language arts teacher.  For example, Mrs. Fada’s morning class and afternoon class are considered as one set of contestants; Mrs. Lithgow’s as one set, Mrs. Seelman’s as one set and Mrs. Johnson’s as one set.  Mrs. Kessler was pleased to report that since she began the contest she had more book reports turned in the last 2 days than she had the entire first semester.  Keep reading and keep up the good work!