GIS ALS Challenge

As many of you are aware or may have already participated, the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS has become popular on social media and in daily conversation.  GIS has decided to become involved with this cause.  GIS students were challenged to each bring $1 to school.  If as a staff and student body we raise $500,  Mr. Bever would do the ice bucket challenge.

We were successful at completing our challenge!  Mr. Bever got a five-gallon bucket of ice water dumped on his head last Friday afternoon, 8/29, in the gym.  Our original goal was $500, and we raised $1,209.34!  Mrs. Johnson’s 4th grade homeroom class won the pizza party, raising $306.56.  Student Emma L. pushed the class into first place with $180 donation.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.

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Cougars and Cubs Program

Cougars and Cubs is a program designed to provide educational resources for GIS 4th graders.  Cubs (4th graders) will be paired with Cougars (high school students) to read aloud, work on homework, practice math facts or spelling words, do vocabulary activities, and have fun with writing prompts.  This program is offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:15-3:25 p.m.  Please see the attached brochure for additional details and to register.

Cougars and Cubs Brochure for Cub parents

4th Grade Informational Night

Mark your calendar this Thursday, August 14, 7:00-8:00 p.m. for the 4th Grade Informational Night. Learn about the many processes and programs new to your child as a GIS 4th grader! The meeting will be in the GIS cafeteria. We will be providing childcare in the gym for children during the meeting. For the privacy of your child, we will not be discussing student performance. Our discussion will include such topics as schedules, grading, homework, planners, MOOSE and communication.

Famous Hoosier Living Wax Museum

You are invited to “visit”

the GIS Famous Hoosier Living Wax Museum

on Thursday, 5/22, at 12:45-1:45 p.m. or 6-7 p.m.

Fourth grade students began working on this project in March and

are excited to invite you to share the results.

Students have selected, researched and written about their famous Hoosier.

Now it is time to bring that famous Hoosier to life through props, dress and a speech.


Free or Low Cost Summer Activities

Please see the link below for free or low cost fun summer activities.  Activities include free movies at Legacy 9, live musical concerts on the Plaza, free swimming at Riley Park, and visits to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum — to name a few!

 Summer 2014 Free or Low Cost Activities

Conner Prairie Field Trip

On Friday, May 16th, the fourth grade is going to Conner Prairie.  We will be leaving school around 8:30 a.m. and returning to school around 1:40 p.m.  Conner Prairie is an outdoor, living museum, so your child will need to wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather that day and comfortable closed-toed walking shoes.  We will be going rain or shine.

The student cost for the trip is $10.00, including admission and transportation.  We plan on having sack lunches available from the cafeteria, so your child may purchase one here at school as a regular school lunch or bring a sack lunch from home.  We ask that the lunch be unrefrigerated and in a disposable container (i.e., paper bag) so that the container may be thrown away after we eat.

We will need approximately 30 parent chaperones.  To be a parent chaperone you must have a volunteer form on file in the office.  The volunteer form requires the successful completion of a background check.  The cost for chaperones for the trip is $15.00.  Please send this amount with your child’s fee and permission slip.  Chaperones can either ride the bus with us or drive themselves to the site.  All chaperones are to bring their own disposable, unrefrigerated lunches.  Volunteer forms can be requested through your child’s homeroom teacher.

We are collecting money for the trip now through May 6th.  Please send cash or check payable to “GIS.”  Please sign the permission slip (a link below) and also indicate if you are interested in being a chaperone for the day.  Also indicate if you have already turned in a volunteer form for the 2013-14 school year.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

CP Permission Slip 2014

Hoosier Wax Museum

GIS 4th grade teachers are excited to introduce to our students the Famous Hoosier Wax Museum project.  This is a project that all fourth graders will be working on throughout Q4.  Much of the work will be done at school on blue days during ELA RTI.  However, some work will be expected to be completed at home.  Additionally, if you child tends to work more slowly or happens to fall behind, it will be necessary to spend more time working at home.  Students were provided a packet of materials along with a schedule to take us through the end of the year.  Posted is a copy of the schedule.  Students found out Wednesday, 4/2, who their famous Hoosier is.

Students will conduct research on their “famous Hoosier” then prepare a report.  Each student will also memorize a short speech to be spoken during the museum presentation.  Students will be responsible for a costume to be worn at the museum and props.  This is not intended to be elaborate or expensive.  Think Goodwill, mom or dad’s closet, grandma or grandpa’s closet, etc.  Also, each student will need a poster board.  WE INTEND TO PROVIDE THE POSTER BOARD TO ALL STUDENTS AT A NOMINAL FEE.  Purchasing the poster board in bulk allows for cheaper prices than what you can get at a retail store and insures a quality board.  Additional details will be forwarded.  And of course, we will be presenting the Wax Museum for family.  Visits to the museum will be available in the afternoon and during the evening hours.

This project is coordinated in teaching teams.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will be the primary instructor.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us.  Students are already demonstrating genuine interest in the project.  Several of us have participated in the experience at various schools and every year has been a success.  The variety of facets of the project appeal to all types of learners!

Due Dates for Wax Museum 2014

Lip-Balm Grams

Fourth Grade will be selling Lip-Balm Grams for Valentine’s Day.

What is it?  A homemade Valentine’s Day card with one of our famous lip-balms and a lollipop.

When is it? During lunch the weeks of February 3-7 and 10-14.

Who is it for?  Students may make these for one another during their lunch.  Parents and grandparents may order Lip-Balm Grams.  Please send the attached order form to your child’s homeroom teacher.  We will make them and deliver them during your student’s lunch.

What is the cost? Only $2.00 for a card, lip balm and lollipop!

Lip Balm Valentine’s Grams 2014

4th Grade T-shirts

We are excited to offer students the opportunity to purchase a Greenfield Intermediate School 4th grade team t-shirt.  The students have seen 4th grade teachers and staff wearing these shirts and wanted to know how they could get one!  The shirts come in one color (“green”field) but a variety of sizes.  GIS 4th grade is printed on the front on the left chest and the slogan and moose are centered across the back.  (A picture is included on the order form.)  Students were provided order forms or if needed, you can download the attachment.  Please send the completed order form and $10 to your child’s homeroom teacher.


Great Information Frenzy Contest

Last week our GIS library assistant Mrs. Kessler kicked off a contest for students to read and report on informational texts.  Students who read the most nonfiction books and either 1)take an AR test on the computer and pass successfully or 2)complete a short report on the text will be invited to a party.  The competition runs now through the end of February.  Students will only be competing with other students who have the same language arts teacher.  For example, Mrs. Fada’s morning class and afternoon class are considered as one set of contestants; Mrs. Lithgow’s as one set, Mrs. Seelman’s as one set and Mrs. Johnson’s as one set.  Mrs. Kessler was pleased to report that since she began the contest she had more book reports turned in the last 2 days than she had the entire first semester.  Keep reading and keep up the good work!