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Write Source_Expository Writing Help

Use this link to help you write your essay. It gives great explanations for:

–how to write topic sentences and focus (thesis) statements.

–how to write an introduction (opening paragraph).

–how to write topic sentences.

–how to write body paragraphs.

–how to write a conclusion (closing paragraph).

–how to edit for the six writing traits and conventions.

Click the link below to find the PDF.

Write Source_Expository Writing Help


*This resource is also posted under “Nightjohn Essay Materials” on my blog.

Nightjohn Essay Materials_Final Draft due Tuesday, November 26

Nightjohn Essay Prewriting Worksheet: Complete BOTH sides of the worksheet.

Nightjohn Essay Prewriting Worksheet


Nightjohn Essay Topics: Choose only ONE topic for your essay.

Nightjohn Essay Topics_2013-2014


Nightjohn Essay Outline: use the “Write Source_Expository Essay Help” PDF to help you complete this.

Nightjohn Essay Outline


Write Source_Expository Essay Help: This is a great resource if you aren’t sure what to do for part of your essay.

Write Source_Expository Writing Help

Homework due: Wednesday, November 6

Nouns Packet_review

Nightjohn Novel Materials

The discussion questions are NOT homework unless I say otherwise. They are just used to guide our discussion of the novel in class after we finish a chapter.

The writing exercises ARE homework and will be assigned on the days we finish the chapter for that exercise.

dicussion questions AND writing exercises


Here is the study guide for the novel test. Students should review the study guide and take notes on one side of a 3×5 notecard.

Nightjohn Test Study Guide