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Aug 05

Welcome back to another new and exciting year!  We have been very busy in the Harris Library over the summer break with construction and cleaning out shelves.  The library now features windows and doors to the second grade hallway!library

This week the students will be touring the library and going over the new library set up along with rules and procedures. Next week we will read stories with the Back to School theme.

Nov 05

Picture books are very important!!  I know that the kids can’t wait to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Junie B. Jones, but too many kids are moving away from picture books and on to chapter books too fast!  To  the younger kids, pictures are just as important as the words telling the story.  Not only do the picture help to illistrate but they also enlighten! 

According to the NY Times, picture books are “dead” 

I hope not!!

The main difference between picture books and TV or electronic media is the fast pace of one and the stillness of the other. The importance of stillness versus fast action is in the intellectual and emotional welfare of our young children. We already face the problems of hyperactivity and lack of focus.

 I read this somewhere and couldn’t find my source:

“If you (or a child) look at a lot of great art (and there is a lot of great art in Picture Books), you begin to recognize great art almost by osmosis. And who knows, you (or a child) may even begin to make great art.”

As the great picture book author and illistrator, Tomie dePaola said:

“I propose that Picture Books can be great art and great art makes for a great people and a great society. Perhaps this is not necessarily true, but would this attitude be so damaging? I think not!

Get out to your local or school library and enjoy a few picture books with your family!!

Sep 30

During this last week before Fall Break, we are talking about James Whitcomb Riley.  We will discuss some basic facts about him and each grade will be read a different poem written by Mr. Riley.  1st grade:  A Bear Story, 2nd grade: Little Orphant Annie, 3rd: The Raggedy Man & The Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole  (Kindergarten does not participate in this unit)

Once we return from Fall Break we will participate in Red Ribbon week, we will view the video, Flintstone Kids: Just say No!  The last week we will have a unit on Halloween and read fun stories that have to do with this holiday!


AR levels were given to the majority of the 2nd and 3rd grade students…I hope to have everyone’s level by the time we come back.  Students in 2nd and 3rd are required to check out atleast one book in their appropriate AR level.  They may take a quiz after they have read the book to earn points, which in turn can be used/redeemed for various items!!  This is an incentive program only, it is not for any type of grade and it is the respo nsibility of the student to take these tests!


Sep 30

Thanks to all of you that came out to family night, visisted after school, or sent money with your student to purchase items to help build not only our school library but your home library!! Family night was a great night all around, we hope you enjoyed participating as we did hosting. Our online book fair is open until this Friday, October 4. So if you didn’t get a chance to come in you can still get items through that by following this link:

 Those who ordered online will recieve their items after fall break!
Spring Book Fair will be held in May, stay tuned!

Sep 09

The Fall Book Fair will be here sooner than you think! This year we are teaming up with our Math and Literacy coaches for a great Family Night!
Come out and enjoy a free night of family fun, math activities in the cafeteria, grade level reading activities in various clasrooms and free food!
Then stop by the Book Fair to add to your home collection!

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Aug 13

We are heading into the middle of our second week, everyone seems to be settling into their library routines very well.

I do still have several students who are missing books from last year, a letter should have been sent home letting you know if your student is missing theirs.  These students will not be allowed to check out any other library material until these items have been returned or replaced.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Leiah Bainter….. 467-6731

Aug 07

The first week in library has started off great!  I am going over procedures and rules that I expect for the students to follow.  They are also getting a tour of the sections of the library that they will be using this year.  It is so much fun to show the new 1st and 2nd graders to more areas that they can use, as well as introducing the new Kindergartners to our library! 

I invite you to look throught the policies and procedures that is listed below:


Library Procedures


         As you enter the library, place the book or books that you wish to return on the desk; if Mrs. Bainter is not at her desk place them in the drop box.


         Kindergarten students may check out one book each week.  These books will be kept in the classroom.

         1st grade students may check out one book each week and will be kept in the classroom until your teacher chooses otherwise.

         2nd grade students may check out one book each week for the 1st grading period, afterwards 2 books.  These books may go home or be kept in your classrooms.

         3rd grade students may check out up to 2 books each week.  These books may go home or be kept in the classroom.

 *2nd & 3rd grade students must check out at east 1 AR book in their level.

All books are checked out for 7 days; students may re-check out books as needed.

Library Policies

 Overdue Materials:

         Students who have overdue books may not check out other books until the overdue materials are returned.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Lost & Damaged Books

         Lost Books– All lost books must be paid for in full.  The cost of each book is the cost of replacement. 

         Damaged Books– A fee of $2 will be charged to a student who damages a book that can be repaired; if the book needs replaced the charge will then reflect the cost of replacement.

         Charges to Students– When a student is charged for a lost or damaged book, the student may not check out any other books until the charges are cleared.

Library Rules:  

Remember to READ!

Respect the library materials, so we will have more to use.

Everything has a home, so we will be able to find what we need.

Always share, we will return things when they are due.

Don’t disturb others working in the library, so we’ll have a special place to read and work.

*Always use voice level 1 (whisper)*

         *Enter the library quietly.

         *Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking

         *Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

         *Bring only your library book

When library rules are broken the following actions will be taken:

         1. Verbal warning, students will be asked to correct their behavior

         2. Students will be removed from group and not be allowed to check-out a book.

         3. Students will be asked to return to class with their teacher.


Thank you!



Apr 03




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