Mrs. Linder's Kindergarten

Weston Elementary

Sep 29
Kindergarten Curriculum
Reading, Phonics,  and Writing Reading, phonics, and writing are introduced through the use of our reading series, Reading Street.  We also incorporate the 6+1 writing traits into our writing curriculum.  As we focus our year on learning letters, sounds, and writing, we expect your child to leave kindergarten as a strong beginning reader with a wealth of abilities as a reader and writer.  We will focus on many concepts such as comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonics, blending sounds to read words and reading high frequency words.
Math Throughout kindergarten we will focus on many skills including identifying numbers, counting, counting backwards, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, creating and continuing patterns, identifying money, identifying shapes, telling time to the hour, and number writing. Many of skills will progress throughout the year and become more difficult. We will also be introducing many more skills. The skills that are taught in kindergarten are the same skills that students will be taught in more detail throughout the upper grades. This allows us to build a strong foundation in kindergarten for the rest of a child’s academic career.  We use the Everyday Math curriculum.
Science In kindergarten we rotate science with social studies as we progress through the reading units. We will focus on a variety of science skills each week.  During each of these units we will focus on science activities that directly relate to the reading topic. Throughout kindergarten, we will not directly assess students in science. However we work hard to constantly build a foundation and a strong understanding of the above topics as well as other topics based on the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.
Social Studies In kindergarten we rotate social studies with science as we progress through the reading units. We will incorporate additional social studies concepts each week.  Each day, during morning announcements we will have a short lesson that focuses the character trait of the month. We hope that through these lessons our children will learn how to get along with others and make good choices for themselves.
Handwriting We will be using Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) for our handwriting curriculum. HWT is a complete handwriting curriculum for all students that gives students the opportunity to practice letter formation using slate chalkboards, play dough, wood pieces, and a handwriting workbook.  Students will start the year focusing on their uppercase letters and then work on mastering the lowercase letters.

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