Hi Everyone!  Welcome to our first grade web page.  We hope you will get a lot of good information and use out of it.  Please let us know if there is something you would like to be included on our web page.  Notice on the Links Menu, there are a few links we would like for you to try at home.  We think you and your first grader will find them both beneficial and entertaining!  :)    Each 1st grade teacher has her own page.  Access your child’s teacher page by clicking on her last name above.   Check there for newsletters, special notes, snack calendars, etc!   Finally, contact information for each first grade teacher can be found under the contact page.

Upcoming Dates

7/20: Registration from 12pm-7pm

8/1: Meet Your Teacher Night! Come visit our classrooms and bring your school supplies!

8/2: First student day of school.

1st Grade Links