Social Work Services at Weston

Mrs. Terry Miller, LCSW

Aug 31

My name is Mrs. Terry Miller and I am the school social worker at Weston Elementary School.   Among the services that I provide are:

*Individual and small group counseling

*Classroom lessons on study skills, bully prevention, conflict resolution, and more

*Facilitating the completion of screeners for possible Attention Deficit Disorder

*Consulting with parents, teachers, and community agency personnel

*Advocating for students and families

*Acting as a liaison between home, school, and community

*Knowledge of community resources

*Resource for information/books/ideas on child related issues for parents and teachers

In short….what this all means….is that I am here to provide you and your student with assistance to help with personal, family, and school success.

If you have any concerns about your child, or if he/she is experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties, please feel free to contact me at 462-1492, ext. 42324.


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